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Tour with a Historian and discover the stories behind a UNESCO world heritage site and how they shaped a nation and its people
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Claudette Levi-Farnum; owner and historian at Discover Heritage tours.

Historian & Tour Guide

Hi, I'm Claudette Levi-Farnum

I'm a BA, MA in History; and uncovering and sharing the untold stories of Barbados is my passion

Barbados is world-renowned as an island experience with a rich history. Beyond that are lesser told stories about the people who were instrumental in shaping and developing this nation. I delight in sharing the journey and experiences of our ancestors, that made us a rich and diverse nation.

My mission as a trained Historian, is to introduce the history, heritage, and resulting culture of Barbados to the world, one tour at a time. I am especially keen on exposing Barbadians to their unknown heritage. It is important to resonate with the past, and in doing so, to understand our purpose in the present. Wisdom dictates, that if you know where you came from, you will know as a collective who you are and where you are going.

Experience Our Culture & History

The Vehicle that Drives Bajan History

Experience the stories, events and happenings that influenced society in Barbados

As we look back through the windows of history, our walking tour will create a view into a time long past. We will stroll through the capital city of Bridgetown, a once hustling, bustling, lived-in port city. Through storytelling you will meet the people who came, founded, settled, and developed this diverse social and commercial space.

Hear their stories and experiences through the sharing of the cultural accounts of lives lived in this British colonial seat of power. Explore the centuries old streetscape and visualize the scenes of old Bridgetown, through the remaining buildings, sites and other artifacts left behind as a testament to our past. Also, experience the town today, a relic of a long colonial past where the old and new coexist.

Claudette Levi-Farnum; owner and historian at Discover Heritage tours.

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Bridgetown Walking Tour

Visit historic sites that capture the essence of the heritage and significance of this colonial capital city.

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