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Claudette enjoys sharing new stories about our heritage and culture. Discover a glimpse into Barbadian heritage in the articles below.

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  • Heritage Month in Barbados – Slave Hospital
    As Barbados celebrates Heritage Month for the year 2023, there are a number of activities on island, with a focus on the ‘Season of Emancipation.’ To this end, a project to restore an old building on the current site of the Grantley Adams Memorial School, formerly West St. Joseph Secondary was launched on Thursday June […]
  • The Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow – A Barbadian Hero
    It’s the month of January, in which as a nation we celebrate the birthday of Errol Walton Barrow.  This day, January 21st is a national holiday in Barbados.  This holiday serves to celebrate and honour Barrow’s stellar contribution to the building of our island nation, Barbados.  Today, Saturday January 21, 2023, we celebrate what would […]
  • It is Christmas in this Caribbean Land
    An Introduction The Caribbean Christmas season has been built on traditions that were founded centuries ago. Although throughout the time of British slavery on the island the fanfare of Christmas was not led by the enslaved but by their imperial masters, the time was still one of some, though limited celebration. The gaiety and pure […]
  • The Road to Independence: We Made It!
    During the month of November Barbados becomes alive with the excitement of celebrating independence, and this year, the nation celebrates fifty-six years as an independent nation. On November 30, 1966, the people of Barbados threw off the shackles of years of colonial governance, therein embracing the right to fully control its own destiny. That meant […]
  • Nidhe Israel Jewish Synagogue: The Scattered of Israel
    As we look through the windows of history – We view the religious settlement of the Sephardic Jews, who constituted the first Jewish community to populate Barbados.  Although Historians report that there were Jewish people on the first boat bringing settlers to Barbados in 1628, the population was minor.  However, as the settlement at Barbados […]

“Hello, I’m Claudette Levi-Farnum, a trained Historian and your tour guide at Discover Heritage Tours.”

Starting in Secondary School I’ve always had a love for history and storytelling and so I read and learned history facts as stories. This love led me to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and History and a Master of Arts in History from the University of the West Indies at Cave Hill campus in Barbados.

Today, in the delivery of the history of Barbados, I still combine my love for history and storytelling, conveying historical information in story form, spiked with a little drama.  This makes it exciting and very palatable.

My goal in forming Discover Heritage Tours is to acquaint Barbadians and the world one tour at a time, about the rich history of our island home Barbados.  I also look forward to engaging young Barbadian minds to impress on them the knowledge and pride of this country and its vast ancestral heritage.